There is a feeling associated with every special place…

Parterra is a playful name imagined by designer Ivan Mazur. Like many of his designs, the made-up word represents differing elements which come together to make an exciting whole. The word “parterre” has French origin. In the 16th century, nurseryman-designer Claude Mollet developed the concept of a compartmentalised garden that is highly ornate and geometric looking by nature. These “parterre gardens” are very regimented and clean looking. The word “terra” is typically synonymous with that which is natural or organic. In spite of their inherent opposition, elements with rigidity and order can harmonize well with the more natural and unkempt(It merely requires the proper guidance). Ivan wants more than anything for his design to express a mastery of all elements of space-making. Great personalized design is of paramount importance.

...Truly good space-making comes from reading a place for what it is, shaping it, and integrating complimentary new elements.

Principal -  IVAN MAZUR

Principal - IVAN MAZUR

Like many young men, Ivan had a special relationship with nature growing up. He spent his summers with cousins and friends building tree forts, biking through the woods & building ramps, and camping out with a cheap tent in the back yard - only to lay out in the grass on his knapsack anyway. When he joined ‘the scouts’ in high school, Ivan attained the rank of Eagle Scout in the minimum amount of time permissible. His commitment to growing as a young man and love of nature developed simultaneously, and Ivan decided on becoming a landscape architect. He has now lived out many of his dreams as a designer, and overseen millions of dollars worth of projects. It has only taken 5 years since college for him to create his firm, Parterra Design. Words which have become synonymous with him are candid, creative, and loyal. Ivan aims to create things which have rarely been seen before.